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Amy Gordon
Transformational Acupuncture & Coaching

Amy is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, and student of Energy Medicine in the State of California with a desire to support women in healing our bodies, reclaiming our soft power, and creating a more beautiful world.

She received a Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2010 and founded one of San Francisco's most successful Integrated Women's Health clinics, Mama Lounge, where she served thousands of women during the initiation into Motherhood and building their families.

Today her offering is a more matured and authentic expression for those who wish to dive deep within themselves and step into the magic of their own divine energy. Her toolbox includes lessons learned in the rooms of recovery, meditation, studies in mysticism across multiple cultures, sacred plant medicine, alchemical acupuncture, and courageously traveling between dimensions of reality to pierce the veil and remind you of your vast innate wisdom and healing life force energy.


She combines these with traditional Daoist Acupuncture and Reiki to bring the client home, and into conscious coherence with the Highest Self, which is loving & luminous beyond measure.

"We have forgotten who we are. We are One and there is One to whom we belong. The aim of life is to inspire each other to God-Consciousness."  -- Yogi Bhajan


Mission & Philosophy


Once upon a time wise women kept the world in balance by playing the roles of priestess, seer, oracle, medicine woman, protectors of sacred ritual, and channels of divine intelligence. I believe these times are upon us again, and men and women alike are remembering our connection to spirit, and developing new levels of extra sensory perception. As our sensitivities change, so must our medicine. One of my core intentions is to cultivate the deeper soul and spirit dimensions of medicine which is often at the root of most dis-ease. Healing at this level requires presence, clarity of purpose, and self-cultivation on the part of the practitioner and is not just application of a mere technique or medication.

Healing at the level of spirit also involves a willingness on the part of the client to sacrifice the pleasing and palatable, look into the darkness and bear the discomfort of shedding the old self. This journey, when embarked upon with a loving witness, yields unimaginable fruit and new life. My mission is to help you recover your own immense inner power by following the signs of your body and the stirrings of your soul. From this connection source energy flows, physical health and restoration is a natural consequence, emotional equanimity arises and creativity flows.

Those whispers and nudges that something isn't quite right, or that something is missing are guiding you home. Experiences of a dark night of the soul, physical illness, heartbreak or personal tragedy can be the fuel for our greatest awakening given that the right support shows up. Let's listen together.

Men's & Women's Health

Issues of fertility, potency, sexuality, and desire. Low energy, lack of vitality, menstrual irregularities, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy support

Recovery from Shock and Trauma

Learn to navigate this terrain, and meet the discomfort as a loving self care practice. The ancients have mapped acupuncture treatments for these exact circumstances


Evaluate your chemical and toxic load and ask the questions about what is really making you sick

Addictions & Unhealthy Relationships

Everything from full blown addictions to the attachments that we know we'd be better off without. Letting go of the people, things, thoughts and relationships that hinder our growth and well-being. Healing from codependency, filling with self-love and learning to love better


All emotions are healthy! Unless we experience them in excess or deny any one emotion completely


Recalibrate your nervous system to linger longer in states of ease and harmony versus stress and overwhelm